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Interested in TUIB? We say go for it! We invite Yale undergraduates to audition, whether you're a freshman or a senior.
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Get updates about auditions from our mailing list. Send a message to Abby ( and Francesca ( to join the list-- or check out our booth at Camp Yale. Follow us on facebook for more updates!

come to our audition concert

Check out our Audition Concert on September 4th at 8:30 in (location TBA) for the chance to sign up for an audition slot, or just come with friends to hear TUIB sing an hour-long set of folk music!

Sat sept 7 and sun sept 8 

Once you've gotten your audition slot, you'll have to prepare your solo. Choose a song that you feel comfortable singing, but also make sure it shows off your voice. We want you to do well! Feel free to bring any instruments you play (you can even accompany yourself). After auditions come callbacks, but we'll let you know about those once auditions are over. Good luck! We can't wait to hear you!