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We Sing!

A little more about our music:

TUIB has been playing American folk music since 1986. Our arrangements feature traditional folk instruments including mandolin, guitar, fiddle, harmonica, and banjo. We sing four-part vocal harmonies that have, on occasion, made our mothers cry. We cover the music of a range of artists such as Bob Dylan, Brandi Carlile, Valerie June, and John Prine, not to mention 19th-century folk traditionals and Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons.” In addition, TUIB will whip out the occasional Irish folk tune or drinking shanty and may even tickle your fancy with a women's rights protest song from the American Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, TUIB is putting an even greater emphasis on the excavation, documentation, and sharing of folk music histories, especially those that have been deliberately left out of the American folk “canon.”



our latest album


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hard copies: $12 + s/h


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