The BAnD

"One of the most attractive folk bands I've seen in my life." 
- Paul C. McLean
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jeriLyn Mclean

Soprano, Guitar, Mandolin

Jerilyn McLean has diplomatic immunity in four woodland sprite nations and territories. While her official rank is too important to disclose, let's just say she's the only living human who is allowed to know where the wild things are.


Conway Staunton 

Bass, Guitar, Harmonica 

Conway is the embodiment of the state of Connecticut: it's his way or the Conway.

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Tenor, Guitar

Thomas has been known to disappear into the wilderness and survive for months at a time with nothing but a banjo, a fish hook, and a rubber band ball. No one knows why or how he does this.

Auguste WHITE


Auguste White curates the romance novel collection of Sterling Library. Check out the last nook of the L&B room for her latest selections, including “Pregnesia" and “The Cowbear's Secret Christmas Baby."

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CAtherine cerise 

Soprano, Viola, Guitar

She smol, she stroll, but most importantly, she rock n’ roll.



Francesca Dezza Parada is skilled at guessing what tomorrow's weather will be, and being super okay with it when she's a little off.



Alto (Music Director)

One misty autumn night, Abby Walker came to a fork in the road. Between the paths stood a mysterious cloaked woman who knew the way. But Abby had google maps on her phone so she took a left and avoided 5 minutes of traffic

Miles kim


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Max Teirstein



Pj frantz


"Sometimes I’ll start a riff and I don't even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way."


lili cerise

Alto (Music Director)


Lili Cerise won't say it, but she speaks twelve languages, plays the lyre, and wrote your math textbook.

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